A shirts and blouses specialist,
founded in 1863

Stylish and elegant clothing for men and women of character with timeless and modern look.
Handcrafted details emphasise the sophisticated look.

Located in Passau – GERMANY more than 1.100 people work at ETERNA to provide you and your customers with shirts, blouses and accessories which are sustainably, fairly and socially responsibly developed in Europe. With the GOOD SHIRT label ETERNA gives a promise on that.

Another evidence is the independent certification according to OEKO-TEX. As the first fashion manufacturer, ETERNA has been certified under the highest OEKO-TEX Standard in 2000 and since 2016, ETERNA has revealed the supply chain of approximately 80 percent of its shirts and blouses in the process of the certification MADE IN GREEN.

Each year, more than 4 million shirts, blouses, ties and accessories are sold through approximately 5.000 retailers and shops. At the company headquarters ETERNA runs a cutting-edge administration, logistics and service center. The storage capacity of 550.000 shirts and 150.000 blouses guarantee that a constant offering in a wide range of articles can be given to our partners

Only 3% of the global cotton meets the high-quality standards used for the shirts and blouses. A perfect shape and masterful workmanship are strong sales arguments for customers.

But also:

  • 4 order periods
  • NOS (never-out-of-stock) program
  • Sizes up to size 54 for shirts and blouses
  • CUSTOM MADE offering for shirts
  • A PREMIUM-1863 assortment next to the excellent base product line
  • GALA – dress shirts, double cuff


  • COMFORT fit
  • MODERN fit
  • SLIM fit
  • SUPER SLIM fit

ETERNA provides all future relevant tools for merchandise management (EDI-network, sales reports, etc…)